Welcome to The Polished Runner!

Hi readers!


My favourite trail in Summer

This blog is set up to motivate me on my quest this winter to qualify for the Boston Marathon (BQ) (and have great nails while doing it!)

Here’s a little bit of history on me:

I ran track and cross country in high school, and played hockey. I still play rugby in the summer. I love sports, but have never been particularly good at them. Maybe a lack of talent, or a lack of desire to work towards improvement. I am also a high school teacher, and while I was in university, I ran on and off depending on how busy I was. Of course, I gained some weight in my first year teaching and got back into running to deal with that. I have never looked back. I have now run many 10Ks, probably 10 half marathons, and 3 full marathons (with the odd 5K sprinkled in).

I’m now in my 4th year of consistent, serious running, and lately I have sped up a lot. It’s been a lot of work, but I ran a half marathon in 1:38 this fall, which is a huge improvement from my first half, where I ran 2:22:21.

Me pre-PR half marathon

Me pre-PR half marathon

My goal is to BQ. That’s a marathon in 3:35 or less. Preferably a few minutes less, as I don’t want to stress about my qualifying time when the qualifying window opens (this year,  you only qualified if your time was better than BQ-1:02). The goal race is Fargo in May. That means another long winter of training runs and cold weather gear. That means that as hard as I’ve worked until now…it’s going to get more intense. I am looking forward to it, but I live in the Canadian Prairies. We already have snow. It’s going to be a long, cold winter.

Last winter

Last winter’s eyelash ice

At the same time, this blog is about my nails. I love sports, I;m not really a girly girl…but I kind of am. I used to be a nail biter, and getting into pretty, stamped nails seems to have solved that problem. I love doing my nails with cheap, drugstore polishes and look forward to the day where I have a much fancier collection. I love matching colours and patterns, and while I’m not very good at it yet, I will get there! I also love doing my nails for races, and feel particularly great when I have hot pink nails and shorts and crush the competition.

Today's nails..4 days in and still going strong.

Today’s nails..4 days in and still going strong.

Last week's nails...not cleaned up yet though!

Last week’s nails…not cleaned up yet though!

I also love baking and cake decorating, as well as my family, dog (and pet toads) and bad TV shows.

Jorge and Martha

Jorge and Martha

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading my story and will help keep me motivated!


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