Nails for the week!

So I took Monday off for my birthday (YAY!) and today was Remembrance Day! So it was a 4 day weekend, which is wonderful. I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, so the extra sleep and rest time was much appreciated.

I actually slept in until 11 today, so I skipped my run. I will likely run to/from work the next 3 days, so I should still be able to keep this weeks mileage above 50. The goal until December is to get my mileage more consistently in the 60s. I hope to try to get some faster running in as well, but being as there is already snow on the ground, I think a lot of those miles are going to be slow and easy.

So far this week I did:

Sunday: 7.26 miles, 10:23 pace

Monday: 8.06 miles, 10:22 pace

Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday should each be 11 miles. We will see what happens Saturday. 8ish probably.

I also went and bought some new polish for my birthday. I hit up Target and got some more Sinful Colors (my favourite brand, it just lasts so long, and is so cheap!). I picked up Rich in Heart, a deep reddish/purplish/blackish shimmery polish, the weird glow in the dark polish (haven’t tried it yet) and All about You, a gold glitter. I wish we got all the holiday colours here in Canada, but I’ll take what I can get. I also grabbed NYC Matte me Crazy topcoat, which has been awesome so far. I love matte polish, and it’s been hard to find. My last polish is Maybelline’s Color Show Jewels in Platinum Adorn, a silver bar glitter with some random dots. Cool stuff.  Be aware, I’m taking these photos at night. I will try to redo some tomorrow in daylight.

Platinum Adorn

Platinum Adorn


Rich in Heart and Black on Black

IMG_2016 IMG_2018

So I took off the red/cream pattern and did some shiny/matte black nails. I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black, then a coat of Matte about you on all fingers but my ring fingers. Then I stamped on a pattern from Moyou London’s Bridal plate 7 in the Black on Black.

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So what I ended up with is a shiny pattern on a matte nail. Subtle but pretty and hard to photograph. On my ring fingers, I did Rich in Heart topped with Platinum Adorn. It brightens up an otherwise dull mani. However, I forgot how much cleaning up black stamping sucks. Its so hard to get perfect! So ignore the bits I missed, I’ll deal with them tomorrow in daylight.



Bright light=weird looking skin, but you can see the shiny/matte better!

I have only photographed my left hand, because my right pinkie is in a splint right now. I broke it at rugby in the summer and am very much looking forward to it getting removed. One more week! So my right hand looks kind of silly, as there’s a giant white plastic splint on one finger…oh well!


Question for the runners: Should I be running my easy runs faster? Usually I am actually closer to a 9:50 mile, but I don’t stop my watch for traffic lights or anything like that. Again, I run a 1:38 half marathon. Thanks for the input!


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