Running in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is here. Friday morning was -21C with the windchill. Today, it’s -16 with the wind, and there’s lots of wind and snow. Actually, it hasn’t seemed like it’s been snowing that much, but from whats on the ground, its obvious that continuous flurries for several days can add up.


I didn’t quite make my goal for last week, I made it to 46.3 miles. That’s OK though, because it was a weird week. My birthday week is always weird, due to Remembrance Day and general insanity at work due to it being report card season. This week will be better, although this week is also crazy due to Parent Teacher Conferences at work. The plus side to teaching higher grades is that I usually don’t have that many parents in to see me. The down side is that more parents probably should come in to see me, so I end up making loads of phone calls. Oh well. I guess I’ll need to do something awesome with my nails to get me through the week.

I ran 9.33 miles today. I always run into the wind on the way out, but of course, on the way back, the wind shifted directions, so I essentially ran 8 miles into the wind. I had forgotten how hard and different running in snow can be, and I can definitely feel all kinds of weird muscles and tendons that were worked in different ways now that I’ve warmed up and had my shower.

Heading out for my run this morning: balaclava-ed up!

Heading out for my run this morning: balaclava-ed up!

The snow yesterday on my lawn

The snow yesterday on my lawn


The snow today!

In nails, I did my thumbs and indexes in Sinful Colors Rich in Heart. I’m really loving this colour lately. It’s beautiful, deep and sparkly and fairly subtle. My middle and rings are done in Sinful Colors Easy Going (a cream colour) which I don’t love, as its kind of boring, and then my pinkies are in Rich in Heart topped with All About You (a gold glitter). I then stamped on top of them with the Moyou London Bridal Plate 7 and the Sci Fi Plate 6.


Honestly, it’s not my favourite mani, but its kind of different from my usual love of hot pinks and blues. Much more subtle. And I definitely like the flower on my thumb. I’m wanting to order more Moyou plates, but feeling frustrated at the lack of free shipping right now. I will have to think about it.

My broken finger is FINALLY out of the splint during the day. After 5 weeks. It’s weird, doesn’t bend well, and is sore by the end of the day,  but I’m so glad to not have to wear it all the time!

Have a great week!


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