Squid week

Like shark week…but squiddier!

I’ve mentioned I’m a teacher. I actually teach high school Bio and Chem and one of my favourite times of year is squid dissection day in Bio. We buy boxes of squid at the grocery store, cut them open and force students to write their names on the dissection sheet in squid ink with the pen (the evolutionary remnants of the shell in squid that looks a lot like a transparent piece of plastic).


Anyways, this semester I only have chem. I miss squid day. So I did my nails with a squid/under the sea theme. I just got in a huge order of Moyou plates (pictures to come!) so my theme was made much easier. I also decided to add lobsters and crabs because…well…why not!

Check them out. I wanted to take the photos in the Bio classroom to add to the ambiance, but there were classes in there, so I took them when I headed out for my run home.




Crab on one thumb, lobster on the other

Stamps were done with Moyou’s Cookbook plate 12, Sailor 4 and Sailor 6. The polish is Sinful Color’s Savage (matte teal that has unfortunately stained my nails really bad now that I’m removing it) and Easy Going (a pinkish cream). I did a few different waves, mini octopi and squidlets.

Stay tuned for some Julep colours next week, as I just got in an order from them as well. The Diamond Mystery Box and the free Shinetime gift! I really love several of the colours, and already love the gel eyeliner I got.


weather n27It’s freezing. -30C today on my way in to work and -28 on the way back. A three pairs of pants kind of day. However, despite the cold I had a great run. My legs are feeling strong lately and although I’m missing the speedwork I do in the summer, all these slow, easy miles are a nice break. Hoping to get a gym membership sorted out soon so I can hit the treadmill for intervals or tempos at least once a week though.I’ve also apparently had a weird allergic reaction on my ankles (possibly to my winter wool socks?) so I’m definitely going to need to find a solution to that. I also just started listening to Outlander (Diana Gabaldon) due to lots of praise, and that’s been making my runs a little bit more entertaining. We’ve got cold, but it doesn’t suck as much as Scotland in the 1700’s.

I’m at 42.8 miles for the week with 2 days to go, so it’s going great. My usual goal is over 200 miles for a month, and I’m at 197.6 as of today, so I will definitely be going over 200.

Happy almost Friday!


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