Snowy run and Julep fun!

The snow is here. It snowed about 9 cm last night, and nobody seemed to be awake and shoveling when I left the house at 10 this morning. I can see why. it’s our first big dump, and the city has started plowing some streets, so I think everyone was hoping they would plow the sidewalks as well.


My sidewalk as I headed out…no, I hadn’t shoveled either

No such luck. So I slogged through 7.5 miles of mostly undisturbed snow. In residential areas, the sidewalks had been used a little, so there was somewhat of a path. I ran on the road a few times when the snow had drifted a bit near fields and parks. I can feel it in my legs now, since I’m home and showered. Running in deep snow always challenges my legs, and parts of my legs that I forget exist feel well used after a snowy run. My hips and butt too. I feel like I’ve been doing a bunch of squats, which is probably a good thing as I know I need to work on my glutes. What seems crazy is that the snow isn’t even deep yet! I had a few days last winter where we had 20+ cm of snow and I was the first person through it. I felt like a deer frolicking in the snow.


My pretty street today. All glittery falling snow and sunshine

Since it’s cold,  I did a winter theme on my nails. I was able to do it because I got in my Julep order. I ordered their Diamond Mystery Box and got in on their free Shinetime gift as well. Everything I got only came to $38.99 (With shipping to Canada! Crazy deal!) I was a little worried about the mystery box, as apparently some in the past have been bad, but this was great! In total (Mystery box + Shinetime gift + one other polish) I got 9 polishes, 2 lip glosses, 1 eyeshadow primer, 1 eyeshadow palette, 3 brushes and an eyeliner. And since I’m not a Maven (their subscription service), nothing was a repeat of something I already owned.

IMG_2175In the mystery box, I got:

Sky and Chantel (silver and gold diamond glitter topcoats). These are SO pretty and I am excited to use them. I love glittery topcoats and I like that these have weird diamond shapes instead of hexagons or stars.


Michelle, Millie and Gayle (dark blue creme, dark purple creme and lighter purpley red creme). I don’t love any of these colours in the boxes, but I think I might really like Millie on my nails, and I don’t have anything like any of them, so that’s great!


A lip gloss and some brushes (which I really don’t care about or have any use for, will probably give them to my mom for Christmas as they are more up her alley), an eye primer (which I’ve never tried) and a wonderful gel eyeliner pencil. I am somewhat incompetent at eyeliner, but this one goes on and smudges very easily. And doesn’t even melt off on my runs home from work when everything else does.

Pretty good, hey?

I also purchased Mahima to get my total high enough to get the Shinetime gift, which I also love. I needed a shiny gold to stamp with and I think this might work.



Shinetime gift! In a huge box.

So the Shinetime free gift is a glittery clutch, an eyeshadow palette (which I already LOVE, it’s perfect golds and bronzes), another brush (meh, I use my fingers), another lip gloss and then 2 more polishes, Ava (pinky shimmery nude) and DeAnn (pinkish shimmer). I like them both, Ava is a nice nude and DeAnn is a little different than anything I would normally choose.

DeAnn, Gayle and Ava:


I used Ava on my nails this week to make a bright, cheerful Christmas sweater pattern. Used Moyou’s Fashionista plate 15, stamped with Sinful Colors Endless Blue and Aubergine. Kind of fun and different, but apparently I’m still stuck on an undersea theme…



Stay tuned for something a little more classic later this week.

54.5 miles run for the week, so another good one!


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