So we are back to chilly temperatures. We hovered right around freezing for a week or two, and now we’ve definitely dropped to more normal temps. I actually saw a man running in shorts on Xmas eve (it really wasn’t quite that warm, and he looked pretty cold), and yesterday I was in 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts again. I even had to break out the balaclava again after a few weeks in just my tuque. Today it was -30ish, so I had to wear 3 pairs of pants and a tuque over the balaclava. Somehow I’ve always been good with my thin Lululemon mittens, and I just got a shiny new pair for Christmas, and they are still working great. Anyways, I ran 49.2 miles last week, and I’m now at 221 for the month (with today’s 12). I really need to check my mileage before I head out, because I totally could have done another 0.8 to make last week a round 50, but oh well.


Yesterday post run. Today it was so cold that my phone turned off when I took it out to take a pic of my much icier face!

On to the nails!

I’ve never actually seen Frozen, but I have a 6-year-old niece who loves it (of course she does, I think all 6-year-old girls love Frozen) and she suggested I do Frozen inspired nails. They are fairly wintery, and that now seems appropriate with the cold outside. But they are bright and cheerful and made me feel happier when we had a few cloudy days in a row. They have a base of Sinful Colors Endless Blue (bright royal blue creme, one of my favourite colours) which is sponged with Sinful’s Cinderella (a light, sparkly blue) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away (a kind of tealy creme). I also stamped snowflakes on with Sinful Colors Snow me White. Since I don’t have any snowflake plates, I used the most random plate of all (Moyou London’s Explorer 8 (the skull plate) and picked out just the little snowflakes between all the skulls. I like it!

IMG_2356Explorer Plate Collection 08

IMG_2370 IMG_2369 IMG_2354

For a first time sponging, I think it turned out pretty great! Now I want some actual snowflake plates.

If it’s cold near you, stay safe and warm! But don’t be afraid to go outside. It’s loads of fun if you’re dressed correctly.