I just found out I get to be a chaperone on the school’s Europe trip this spring break. Someone backed out, so I’m in! I mean, I will now have 10 days of insanity with 50 students instead of a nice relaxing break, but who can say no to a free trip to Europe! I took students to Peru a few years back, and it was a great experience, so I’m hoping this will be similar. Of course, when I took students to Peru, it was primarily to volunteer, and this is to sight-see, but while it might now be as rewarding, it should still be great. And I’ve been pretty much everywhere we are going already, but I will be glad to go back! So we leave in 101 days. Pretty exciting! I’m not going to tell the students I’m going though, and hoping to surprise them at the airport. We will see if I can manage that with all the meetings and stuff I will have to attend before hand, but why not try.

The image Explorica uses to describe the tour….super generic.

Where we’re going: Edinburgh (I didn’t go in the castle last time I was here as I had just been to Stirling Castle and a few others, so I’m excited to go in there this time), London (which I’ve been to countless times due to family living there, I was actually in London this summer, but I love it so it’ll be great. Also, I know lots of good places to go during free time), Dover-Calais, including the cliffs (I was last there when I was a child and barely remember so YAY!), Paris (always excellent, I can always do with more Louvre in my life) and Normandy (which I’ve never been to and am SUPER PUMPED ABOUT. I’ve always wanted to see some of the Canadian war memorial stuff).


Happy hippo in the Scottish countryside four years ago & Highland cows


So I think it’s a pretty good itinerary. Everywhere is close together, so no long train journeys (=less cranky kids) and lots to do and see. I’m excited for the food as I love European snacks and chocolate, and I’m excited for the chaos of big cities.

Also, apparently Kate Middleton’s next baby is due in April and we will be in London in April. That would be pretty awesome if we were there at the same time as the royal baby’s birth!

Anyways, I just did a quick France inspired mani to celebrate:


Julep Gayle (a deep red creme) on thumb and pointer, Julep Marla on the middle and ring (basically the sparkly version of Gayle), and my pinkie is Julep DeAnn, which is a purpley shimmer. I stamped with Sinful Colors Easy Going (pinkish white creme) using Moyou London’s Tourist 21 plate. I was excited for the french poodles already, but this gave me an excuse to wear them. I also used the roses from the plate (LOVE) and the cameos.




I’m very excited, if you can’t tell!