Green and gold wrapping paper (and microbeads)

Hi all.

Just got back from my last run of the week, and did 6.4. I had been aiming for around 7, but basically got lazy and cut my run short very close to my usual turn around. I’ve been feeling exhausted all week, and I think it just caught up to me. On the plus side, yesterday was my last day of work before the holidays, so now I have 2 weeks to recharge. Another plus is that I still managed to get in 59.4 miles this week (I really should have done that extra 0.6 to make it an even 60, but oh well), and I’m at 2510.8 for the year. I had an original goal of about 2000, so that’s pretty excellent.

In nails, I tested out a “caviar” set I bought in England over the summer. I found myself in Primark looking for a cheap t-shirt (I had spilled on the one I was wearing), and saw a 3D mani set at the cash for £1, so I bought it. Hadn’t opened it until the other day, because caviar nails actually freak me out a little. But I figured I should give it a try for a 1 day look, and if it drove me nuts, I could just pick off the beads at work the next day (which I did). So I did a mani using this set randomly on Wednesday night. I actually strangely liked it, so I might hit up Michaels and buy some more microbeads! Downside is that the super cheap polish was indeed super cheap, and actually peeled right off the next day in the shower. So this was actually a one day look. The other nails have sponged on glitter on the tips (OPI Carried Away) applied in a way inspired by Simply Nailogical’s tutorial (see the video tutorial at the end of the post here). What that technique does is it maximized the amount of glitter, since the jelly base of the polish gets absorbed by the sponge. Then I topcoated it all with NYC Grand Central.



My other mani this week is a dark green and gold wrapping paper inspired look. I did this on Thursday afternoon, and then looked at The Nailasaurus’s blog the next morning, and realized I had basically done the same thing (except hers is better, see it here). I did a base of Maybelline Color Show Walk in the Park, which is a super deep green that looks basically black after 2 coats. The plus side to the deep green vs black is that it doesn’t make my skin look quite so pale, and is a little softer than black. I really like it as an alternative. I took a pic (I was tired, so sketchy quality) attempting to show how green it is after one coat:


I did my ring finger in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City, which is basically all superfine silver glitter. I also stamped with Moyou’s Kaleidoscope 10 (I really like these abstract kaleidoscope images, I need to get some more of these plates) in the same silver and topped it all off with NYC Grand Central. I also used Maybelline Color Show in Platinum Adorn on my pinkies, because my right pinkie nail is still all deformed from being in a splint, and it needs to be camouflaged. I applied the glitter with the same sponge method used above to make it extra glittery.

I love it. Its subtle, but sparkly, and using the glittery Celeb City to stamp makes my nails look almost vintagey and distressed. I do wish it was more green (vs looking black), but as I said, it is quite flattering on my yellowish skin tone.

I’ve also now had this look on for a full day of chem labs and it’s showing very little wear. And since there’s not a lot of glitter, it will hopefully be easier to remove than some looks I’ve done lately. And as an extra added fun bonus, it’s kind of Christmassy (as I said last post, I’ve been struggling with making my nails Christmassy!). I now wish I had actual wrapping paper like this. Instead, I have red plaid paper (I should probably try to do a plaid mani to match that as well…)




Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a Frozen inspired mani coming soon!