Sweatery nails

I’ve been attempting to do Christmassy nails lately…but I just don’t like them! So I’ve ended up starting over several times and ending up with things that are only vaguely holiday themed.

In terms of running, it’s been a pretty good week. I got horribly sick on Tuesday (weird nausea and dizziness) and had to leave work early, but that was my normal rest day, and I felt better by the morning, so I continued my usual schedule. I haven’t been hungry though, which is weird for me, since I’m normally ravenous. I’m at 47 miles for the week,and plan on getting to 60-ish by Saturday afternoon. Marathon training is semi-officially in swing. I officially start the first week of January, but my mileage right now is way higher than I had planned so I will need to rework my rough sketch of a plan.

So earlier in the week, I did a mani somewhat inspired by sweaters. It’s in Xmas colours, and is wintery, which is the best I can do at the moment. Apparently I’m not feeling the spirit this year. I think its how I basically get to work in the dark and leave in the dark. I teach in a room without any windows. I feel like I never see the sun, and that bright, cheery nails don’t make sense based on what I see all day. These short days are terrible, and I’m grateful for my long, sunlit runs on weekends.


What I used: Sinful Colors Rosy Red, Cinderella (the light, glittery blue) and Snow me White. Ring finger is topped with Urban Outfitters Afterhours (as I mentioned before, I LOVE this glitter! It enhances whatever its on top of, and seems to shine in a rainbow of colours.) I stamped with Moyou London’s Fashionista 15, which is distinctly sweatery. Despite actually liking this mani, I took it off pretty quickly. I just felt like the red and white weren’t really my thing. You can also see that the topcoat smeared the stamp a little (I was rushing), and that was driving me somewhat crazy. I did really like the stamp on my thumb though, and I’m thinking of doing it in black and white or black and neon some time soon.


It’s almost the solstice, so lets hope for longer days soon!