So we are back to chilly temperatures. We hovered right around freezing for a week or two, and now we’ve definitely dropped to more normal temps. I actually saw a man running in shorts on Xmas eve (it really wasn’t quite that warm, and he looked pretty cold), and yesterday I was in 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts again. I even had to break out the balaclava again after a few weeks in just my tuque. Today it was -30ish, so I had to wear 3 pairs of pants and a tuque over the balaclava. Somehow I’ve always been good with my thin Lululemon mittens, and I just got a shiny new pair for Christmas, and they are still working great. Anyways, I ran 49.2 miles last week, and I’m now at 221 for the month (with today’s 12). I really need to check my mileage before I head out, because I totally could have done another 0.8 to make last week a round 50, but oh well.


Yesterday post run. Today it was so cold that my phone turned off when I took it out to take a pic of my much icier face!

On to the nails!

I’ve never actually seen Frozen, but I have a 6-year-old niece who loves it (of course she does, I think all 6-year-old girls love Frozen) and she suggested I do Frozen inspired nails. They are fairly wintery, and that now seems appropriate with the cold outside. But they are bright and cheerful and made me feel happier when we had a few cloudy days in a row. They have a base of Sinful Colors Endless Blue (bright royal blue creme, one of my favourite colours) which is sponged with Sinful’s Cinderella (a light, sparkly blue) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away (a kind of tealy creme). I also stamped snowflakes on with Sinful Colors Snow me White. Since I don’t have any snowflake plates, I used the most random plate of all (Moyou London’s Explorer 8 (the skull plate) and picked out just the little snowflakes between all the skulls. I like it!

IMG_2356Explorer Plate Collection 08

IMG_2370 IMG_2369 IMG_2354

For a first time sponging, I think it turned out pretty great! Now I want some actual snowflake plates.

If it’s cold near you, stay safe and warm! But don’t be afraid to go outside. It’s loads of fun if you’re dressed correctly.


Squid week

Like shark week…but squiddier!

I’ve mentioned I’m a teacher. I actually teach high school Bio and Chem and one of my favourite times of year is squid dissection day in Bio. We buy boxes of squid at the grocery store, cut them open and force students to write their names on the dissection sheet in squid ink with the pen (the evolutionary remnants of the shell in squid that looks a lot like a transparent piece of plastic).


Anyways, this semester I only have chem. I miss squid day. So I did my nails with a squid/under the sea theme. I just got in a huge order of Moyou plates (pictures to come!) so my theme was made much easier. I also decided to add lobsters and crabs because…well…why not!

Check them out. I wanted to take the photos in the Bio classroom to add to the ambiance, but there were classes in there, so I took them when I headed out for my run home.




Crab on one thumb, lobster on the other

Stamps were done with Moyou’s Cookbook plate 12, Sailor 4 and Sailor 6. The polish is Sinful Color’s Savage (matte teal that has unfortunately stained my nails really bad now that I’m removing it) and Easy Going (a pinkish cream). I did a few different waves, mini octopi and squidlets.

Stay tuned for some Julep colours next week, as I just got in an order from them as well. The Diamond Mystery Box and the free Shinetime gift! I really love several of the colours, and already love the gel eyeliner I got.


weather n27It’s freezing. -30C today on my way in to work and -28 on the way back. A three pairs of pants kind of day. However, despite the cold I had a great run. My legs are feeling strong lately and although I’m missing the speedwork I do in the summer, all these slow, easy miles are a nice break. Hoping to get a gym membership sorted out soon so I can hit the treadmill for intervals or tempos at least once a week though.I’ve also apparently had a weird allergic reaction on my ankles (possibly to my winter wool socks?) so I’m definitely going to need to find a solution to that. I also just started listening to Outlander (Diana Gabaldon) due to lots of praise, and that’s been making my runs a little bit more entertaining. We’ve got cold, but it doesn’t suck as much as Scotland in the 1700’s.

I’m at 42.8 miles for the week with 2 days to go, so it’s going great. My usual goal is over 200 miles for a month, and I’m at 197.6 as of today, so I will definitely be going over 200.

Happy almost Friday!


I love winter running so far. I mean, I loved it last year until about February as well, so I’m sure I’ll change my mind. So far it’s wonderful though. Nice fluffy snow, quiet streets and now I get to pull out all my winter gear.

I walked down to the river the other day, and noticed how fast it can freeze when we have a few weeks below 0. Check out the pictures below from the summer (end of August or beginning of Sept, I can’t remember) and last week.

Late summer on the river

Late summer on the river

Last week...Its already much more frozen

Last week…It’s even more frozen today

I am getting very excited for the river to freeze solid so I can go skating on it and do my long runs on it. Usually a few times each way on the river trails can add up to a good 18-20 miles. The ice is a little hard on my shins when I run, but it’s just so much fun! Last year I ran a race on it in January, so it should definitely be solid enough to run on in a few more weeks. Something to look forward to!

So far this month, I’ve run 27 runs and done 165 miles. This year I’m at 2296 miles. My original goal was 1900, so it’s going well. Last week, I managed 52.2 with parent teacher interviews int here and a class all day Saturday, so…success! This week should be similar.

For my nails, I decided I needed something bright and summery to get me through a long Thursday night and Friday morning full of interviews. So I went bright, glittery and somewhat crazy.


I used 2 coats each of Sinful Colors Endless Blue (bright blue) and Let’s Meet (a slightly glittery, fairly sheer yellow).  I then stamped from Moyou London’s Fashionista plate 7 in Sinful Colors Let’s Meet (a pinkish cream). I topped my pinkie with Sinful’s Hottie (blue glitter) and my middle and ring finger with Maybelline’s Color Show Jewels in Platinum Adorn. As I said, a little crazy, but nice and bright and cheerful. My nails are slowly growing longer, and I’ve been doing much better with not biting them. I currently hate all the topcoats that I have, so I won’t even mention what I used because it sucks.



All photos this week taken in the staff room at work…it’s too cloudy and cold outside to get nice pics!

On the plus side, I’m waiting on a huge order of more Moyou plates, so hopefully I’ll have something cool soon! On the down side, wearing a splint on my pinkie for 6 weeks caused the nail to crack horizontally down the middle (not all the way through, but about halfway), so that nail is super ugly. Oh well.

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is here. Friday morning was -21C with the windchill. Today, it’s -16 with the wind, and there’s lots of wind and snow. Actually, it hasn’t seemed like it’s been snowing that much, but from whats on the ground, its obvious that continuous flurries for several days can add up.


I didn’t quite make my goal for last week, I made it to 46.3 miles. That’s OK though, because it was a weird week. My birthday week is always weird, due to Remembrance Day and general insanity at work due to it being report card season. This week will be better, although this week is also crazy due to Parent Teacher Conferences at work. The plus side to teaching higher grades is that I usually don’t have that many parents in to see me. The down side is that more parents probably should come in to see me, so I end up making loads of phone calls. Oh well. I guess I’ll need to do something awesome with my nails to get me through the week.

I ran 9.33 miles today. I always run into the wind on the way out, but of course, on the way back, the wind shifted directions, so I essentially ran 8 miles into the wind. I had forgotten how hard and different running in snow can be, and I can definitely feel all kinds of weird muscles and tendons that were worked in different ways now that I’ve warmed up and had my shower.

Heading out for my run this morning: balaclava-ed up!

Heading out for my run this morning: balaclava-ed up!

The snow yesterday on my lawn

The snow yesterday on my lawn


The snow today!

In nails, I did my thumbs and indexes in Sinful Colors Rich in Heart. I’m really loving this colour lately. It’s beautiful, deep and sparkly and fairly subtle. My middle and rings are done in Sinful Colors Easy Going (a cream colour) which I don’t love, as its kind of boring, and then my pinkies are in Rich in Heart topped with All About You (a gold glitter). I then stamped on top of them with the Moyou London Bridal Plate 7 and the Sci Fi Plate 6.


Honestly, it’s not my favourite mani, but its kind of different from my usual love of hot pinks and blues. Much more subtle. And I definitely like the flower on my thumb. I’m wanting to order more Moyou plates, but feeling frustrated at the lack of free shipping right now. I will have to think about it.

My broken finger is FINALLY out of the splint during the day. After 5 weeks. It’s weird, doesn’t bend well, and is sore by the end of the day,  but I’m so glad to not have to wear it all the time!

Have a great week!